The Answers to it all.

We want to know you. We want you to know us. We want you to look glorious in a Chelston. We want you to treat it right and be responsible. We want you to feel safe buying one and we want you to dare to be seen.

How to Order

What Shipping Methods Are Available?

We ship almost all over the world with DHL, UPS and Schenker. The shipping fee is 99 sek, approximately 12 US dollars and 11 euros by april 2015. The fee is per order, no matter how big.

How Long Will It Take To Get My Package

Each dress is handmade and only made in 15 copies. Some times we produce a specific size just for your order. Mark that each dress is never produced in more than 2 XS (34), 2 S (36) 3 M (38), 3 L (40), 2 XL (42), 2 XXL (44), 1 XXXL (46) Depending on the working pressure it can take up to three weeks for our seamstresses to catch up.

As soon as your dress is ready to deliver (1 day-3 weeks) we ship it within Sweden (2-4 workdays), within the nordic countries; Denmark, Norway and Finland (2-5 workdays), within Europe ( 5-7 weekdays) and to the rest of the world (10 workdays).

Who Should I Contact If I Have Any Questions?

Contact us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Do You Ship Internationally?

Absolutely! For a shipping fee of 99 SEK, approximately 12 USD and 11 Euros by april 2015 we ship any order, no matter how big to almost anywhere you are!

How Can I Return A Product?

You won´t want to. But if – contact us at and we will sort it out.

Why do the R.E.Belle sizes start at 92 (1-2 years)?

At the moment we don´t make dresses for toddlers. A Chelston wants to be worn by little people standing up. Therefor the R.E.Belle sizes starts at size 92 (1-2 years). There are so many beautiful babyclothes out there. Not so many cool, retro dresses…

What sizes are the 15 dresses in each collection?

Each dress (cut and pattern in combination) is never produced in more than  15 copies; 2 XS (34), 2 S (36) 3 M (38), 3 L (40), 2 XL (42), 2 XXL (44), 1 XXXL (46).

For the little R.E.Belles:

92 (1-2 years)        2

98 (2-3 years)        3

104 (3-4 years)      2

110 (4-5 years)       2

116  (5-6 years)       2

122  (6-7 years)       2

128  (7-8 years)        2