The Story

We are all inheritors of the past. At House of Chelston 15 we take some of the best glimpsess from the last 10 decades of fashion and bring it into the future. Inspired by past times beautiful cuts and patterns, a great respect for craftmanship and the intoxicating feeling when beautiful fabric transforms into amazing dresses.

It all started up in the cold north, in Scandinavia, in the country of Sweden.

Surrounded by snowy peaks, vast open expanses, dense forests and the constant proximity to the sea, the dream of colorful simplicity, of paying tribute to the history of fashions glorious highlights, was born.

The first Chelstondress ever made was created at a kitchentable in southern Sweden, in the county of Scania, in 2011. And then another one. And then another one.

Out of each cut and pattern in combination only one single collection is created. One collection consists of only 15 dresses. When these 15 Chelstons spread around the world it will be easy for you to be the only one in that dress in your social context. You are truly unique, so be unique – wear a Chelston.

We bring the best of the past into the future. Join us.

Chelston R.E.Belles are little Chelston dresses for little girls making their way through life. They are the rebels that will make their way through our time and evaluate everything, reject some, reconcile themselves with some, pay tribute to some , fall in love and despise and then take the best of our time with them into the future.

All of the dresses, the Chelstons and the R.E.Belles are sewn with innerlining for the best wearingexperience.

It´s all about the bass

“We bring the best of the past into the future”

Chief designer, House of Chelston 15


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